Anonymous asked: you should draw gem pearl and poke pearl in each others outfits


i think ive done that before or at least ive drawn pearl in pearl’s dress before 


(「・ω・)「 here’s some shinies up for grabs for you, my friends!

since the announcement of an american diancie event, i thought it would be cool to giveaway this shiny little carbink to celebrate it! you can have little part of that diamond princess’ kingdom to party with! 

and because i postponed my last shiny giveaway, i’m adding the shiny roselia as a bonus addition in apology! 

two whole shiny for the price of one shiny: and that’s the great price of free!

∠( ᐛ 」∠)_

as per usual there is a bonus to this giveaway if you happen to be following me. this time i’m throwing in a bonus ~mystery shiny~! so ~mysterious~

(۞ ͜ʖ ۞)

reblog between now and october 3rd, and single winner will be drawn on october 4th!

thanks for hanging around, friends!

♥_(•́ ω •̀」∠)_ ₎₎

as usual- play nice, play fair, have fun!


there  is  no  need  to  be  upset

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Featuring Isabelle from the Animal Crossing Series

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Never forget that Android 18 is a fucking babe and Krillin won DBZ by marrying her.

Krillin also had a better overall win/loss ratio than Vegeta, who won only slightly more battles than Yamcha overall.

Thinking about my Alpha Sapphire in-game team.

Sceptile’s a given.

I always wanted to give Evolite Dusclops a shot, but he may be OR exclusive

Altaria is a definite. Hatch from egg from Kalos. Probably lean Careful for Pixilate-powered Return. I just wish I knew which Megas will be available before post-game.

I REALLY don’t want Surf and Waterfall on the same Pokémon and if that means two water types so be it.

Probably just wind up hatching half the team.



when is her day off

confirmed for one of nintendo’s best

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ok since everyone seems to like these type these words into the tag box and see what comes up 1st, here’s another one!!

— then

— are

— kiss

— ass

— just

— lol

— me

— that

— tbh

— did

— something

I like these way too much.

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Metal Gear Solid V demo at TGS 2014.jpg

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